from by Harvey Pekar



“Is this to be an empathy test? Capillary dilation of the so called blush response. Fluctuation of the pupil. Involuntary dilation of the iris."
Blade Runner.

Automatic children tiptoe on puffed shoulders. Blown open overcoats expose a school of fish, routed by a rogue bottlenose. My beating chest is one unit. My beating chest is its own master. My beating chest is beyond shoaling parts, granted aim through formation. I, morphon, shall expose bion's circuitry. Thoughts, knowledge, memories—sequentially valid bits on thin iron film. Metal arms lame sans spun gears and pulled pistons. Lenses and mirrors blind but to shifting light against steady backdrops—programmed paths of rare-earth slaves. Perceive throbbing aches through a valve pumping vitals. Perceive emphatic gestures through charges signaling liquid globules. Perceive interpersonal shivers through an organ stretched thin. Perceive through fixed perspective. Perceive cohesion. Perceive self-importance. Perceive confinement. Perceive displacement.


from The Astral We, released August 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Harvey Pekar Cleveland, Ohio

Harvey Pekar is:
Elliott Frank: Guitar
Ian Douglas: Drums
Nick Kratsas: Vocals
Nick Schmitt: Bass


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