Milk Tooth Monarchy

from by Harvey Pekar



“Life is like a node which is born within the flow of information. As a species of life that carries DNA as its memory system man gains his individuality from the memories he carries. While memories may as well be the same as fantasy it is by these memories that mankind exists.”
Ghost in the Shell.

Temporary ones invoke thumbs and speech to clench flirtatious touch into firm grasp. At the limit of muscle and bone prevail wax wings. At the melting point of lipid hubris prevail steel and silicon, and so on, forevermore. Climb as drones on ivy. In the spring of muscle and bone prevail porcelain veneers biting through bumbling tongue. Climb as drones on ivy, drawn to chemists masquerading as the queen. Chlorophyll bright on tungsten filament, evolutions plump on fruit. Upon the death of muscle and bone prevail collagen diamonds eulogizing chars of coal. Sharp with shine and tears masked from Luddites craving salt.


from The Astral We, released August 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Harvey Pekar Cleveland, Ohio

Harvey Pekar is:
Elliott Frank: Guitar
Ian Douglas: Drums
Nick Kratsas: Vocals
Nick Schmitt: Bass


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